Adam     Suleman

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twitter: @alykhans


Adam Suleman is an undergraduate student and youth advocate and public speaker for mental health. Both his professional and voluntary work focus on the intersection of mental health, technology and entrepreneurship. Born in Vancouver, Adam is a Canadian citizen working to transform society's understanding of mental health issues and push for faster innovation in the field. Adam stresses the need for innovation in mental and brain health, and the promise of psychedelics as a new paradigm of treatment.

He can be found on Twitter at @alykhans where his followers link to him to keep updated on developments in business, technology and brain health research. Adam enjoys speaking on the global mental health crisis, reducing the stigma for mental health issues, new technologies for mental health, and other promising solutions for mental wellbeing.

Adam is passionate about business, entrepreneurship, technology, public health, human rights, and mental health research.

If you want to interview him, or have an offer, opportunity, speaking engagement, or introduction that might make his life more interesting, e-mail him at Please note, however, Adam only responds to those proposals that are a good match for his schedule and interests.