Alykhan meets with Princess Khaliya Aga Khan

Alykhan, Princess Khaliya and Thomas Ermacora at the TED 2017 Conference in Vancouver.

Vancouver, 27 April 2017 Alykhan spoke with the former Princess Khaliya Aga Khan and Thomas Ermacora outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre on the topic of mental health.

Khaliya is a global brain and mental health strategist, humanitarian and Columbia University trained public health specialist confronting our world’s mental health crisis by promoting radical therapeutic innovation in a system out of step with medical breakthroughs

Khaliya and her partner Thomas Ermacora founded Falkora, a not for profit mental health and neurotech initiative to help put cross disciplinary approaches to mental health at the top of the political agenda in the United States and internationally.

In addition to campaigning to expand the definition of mental illness so future funding can catch up with the scope of the problem, the organization is exploring how new technologies can leapfrog outdated approaches to mental well-being.

Tech innovations, she believes, could not only reach a wider group of people in need within the U.S. but also reduce costs of mental health tools worldwide, sparking a necessary paradigm shift in mental health care.

Khaliya received her Master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University, received her Bachelor’s degree in European Studies and International Affairs from New York University, and studied Computer Science at New York University and Film at the New York Film Academy. While at NYU, Khaliya participated in the Gallatin School’s individualized study program, focusing on mental health.